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yiju (移居) | to migrate

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In 1938, my grandparents fled China. They landed in the Mindanao Mountains of the Philippines where my father was born in 1941. In the late 1960s, my father emigrated to the United States.

YIJU: Songs of Dislocation is a multimedia environment with audio from eight speakers and video within four sculptures. Filmmaker Chishan Lin and media installation artist John D. Pai provide footage of my grandfather, China, and beyond. Landscape architect Lorraine Pai shapes a night-garden from electronic projections and wire mesh.

photo of grandfatherIn this space between dreams and death, my collaborators and I invite you to linger. Our combined, imagined memories spin out airplane windows, run through generations, and expose desires. We connect to migrants and travelers who similarly search family stories for places to settle.

Spend awhile here before your feet once again meet earth; the place where migration begins.
Byron Au Yong